Automotive Design Notes

MIROX Corporation has been testing and evaluating automobiles for our clients since 1982.

This main Automotive Design Link Page provides links to other pages on our website that specifically evaluate each particular component of motor vehicle and how the design affects the over all vehicle longevity, ease of servicing and maintenance and also how it affects production costs and speed of initial OEM assembly.

While automobiles have been manufactured and designed for over 100 years, at time it appears that the design was done by "Monkeys", that is by people with absolutely no clue of what they have been doing and why.

At other times what at first appears as very poor design, was designed so intentionally in order to make the vehicle only last "so long", be it in terms of distance traveled or in terms of time limited durability.

Under Construction
Currently this page is still under development, so please check back periodically for new links to pages as we add them to this list.

List of Links to Specific Detailed Pages

Click the link in the list below to navigate to a detailed web page about the listed subject.

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